Turn your web browser into a magic proxy server in one click.

Allow other people to browse websites logged in as you.

Share access to websites without giving away your passwords. GrantProxy allows you to create and share proxies with your friends who can use them to browse websites as you. Fine tune your sharing to be a single site, a handful of websites, or the whole Internet.

Simplify web bots, scraping, and automation.

Make your bots invisible to bot detection by proxying all requests through a real web browser. Automate websites using your existing browser sessions to save code and sanity. All requests are sent via the web browser and contain appropriate headers, cookies, and source IP.

Access internal sites from any computer, anywhere.

Whether it's a corporate site on your company's VPN, your home router, or some other internal website, use GrantProxy to access it from anywhere. Simply share your proxy from a browser that has access to the site with another browser that doesn't via GrantProxy.

Help friends get around Internet blocks & geographical restrictions

Share your browser's Internet connection with your friends to help them get around Internet blocks. Whether it's a video you can only view in your country or a news article censored by an overbearing government.

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